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Feel the nature

Psiloritis Experience​

Psiloritis Experience offer exhilarating adventures in the heart of Crete. Ascend the majestic slopes of Mount Psiloritis, the island’s highest peak, as knowledgeable guides unveil its natural wonders and rich history. Immerse yourself in breathtaking landscapes and immerse in the thrill of conquering this iconic mountain.

Hiking tour (at the top of the mountain)

Cooking Lesson

Mountain Bliss – Yoga Event

Psiloritis Retreat Chalet

Psiloritis Retreat Chalet is just 1 hour’s drive from Heraklion. Our rooms and our restaurant are located in a uniquely beautiful landscape on the mountain of Psiloritis and in a stone building. Come and let us host you to see the wild nature of the mountain, to ski and discover the beauty of nature.

Prices start at: 100 per night


1 Double bed / 1 Bunk bed


4 adults




Couples / Families

In our rooms you will find






Our restaurant

In addition to the hospitality that Psiloritis Retreat Chalet offers with its rooms, it also has a restaurant area where you can have your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It is necessary to note that the visitor can enjoy amazing traditional dishes prepared with love and passion by experienced chefs always following the home cooking method.

A wide variety of meats and salads, products produced in the region, are offered for lunch and dinner. You can choose between dishes of the hour.


Psiloritis Retreat Hotel is a picturesque mountain retreat in the Psiloritis mountain range, located in the heart of Crete. You can explore the area by snowkiting, skiing, hiking or caving. If you want to take a break from all this adventure and relax, then you can visit one of the nearby villages.